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Bosch Opens New Engineering and Business Solutions Development Center in Mexico

Part of the Creative Digital City in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
- Approximately five million dollars invested

- More than 200 new jobs will be generated in a first step

Guadalajara, Jal. – State of Jalisco Minister of Economy Mr. Jose Palacios Jimenez in representation of the Governor of the Jalisco State joined Bosch Board of Management member Werner Struth, Bosch Mexico President Rene Schlegel and other executives to observe the opening of the company’s Engineering and Business Solutions Development Center in Guadalajara. With the support of the Government of Jalisco, Bosch is investing approximately five million dollars (USD) over the next years to establish an 1800 square meters facility in Guadalajara’s renown Creative Digital City. In a first step, the leading supplier of technology and services will generate more than 200 new jobs at the facility, many of them for highly-skilled engineers.

"The arrival to the State of Jalisco of a high technology company such as Bosch is the result of the interest in generating strategic links that make international investment possible and that promote economic development and the generation of jobs," commented Minister Jimenez.

Dr. Werner Struth, member of the Bosch board of management responsible for the Americas, said: “The new Engineering and Business Solutions Development Center in Guadalajara is an indicator of just how central a role Mexico is playing in the expansion of the Bosch Group in the Americas. We are excited about establishing an engineering base here in Creative Digital City, and this new development center further underlines the Group’s commitment to further expansion, diversification and investment activities in the region.”

Leveraging the Creative Digital City
The engineering and IT software hub will be the first Bosch cross-divisional engineering and business solutions center in the Americas, comparable with Bosch centers elsewhere. It will provide high-tech engineering shared services to other Bosch sites in the Americas, including application development, business intelligence, IT infrastructure and validation services, testing as well as support for electronic control units and plant automation systems. Services will also be offered to external customers, particularly within the automotive industry. Rene Schlegel, President of Bosch Mexico, said: ”This new engineering center not only establishes Bosch in the state of Jalisco, but complements our strong manufacturing base in Mexico. Thanks to Guadalajara’s attractive geographic location and infrastructure, highly qualified labor force and status as the main technology producer in the country, our new engineering and business solutions center here increases our ability to support our customers in the Americas.”

In the project’s first phase extending through the year 2014, 1.1 million dollars will be initially invested, where shared services will be housed in temporary facilities. During the project’s second phase starting in 2016, activities will be fixed in the new Creative Digital City complex, located in the historic center of Guadalajara. The Creative Digital City concept aims to strengthen the country’s main economic development through the use of technology. Due to its leading position in the Mexican high-tech industry, Guadalajara was selected among 11 Mexican cities by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that competed for certification as a Creative Digital City.

Mexico is a vital part of the Bosch’s “local for local” strategy in North America, with local manufacturing, purchasing and engineering. Currently, Bosch has more than 300 local engineers working on electrical drives, starters and generators, adapting products for the North American region. “With its highly skilled engineers, top quality study programs and significant increase in engineering capacity in Guadalajara and throughout Mexico, the establishment of this type of engineering center is possible”, Schlegel said.

Expanding presence in Mexico
Bosch is actively expanding its operations in Mexico. Over the last 10 years, Bosch has invested more than 400 million dollars in Mexico. Over the next few years, investment and employment in the country will significantly increase; between 2013 and 2017 Bosch will invest a total of 460 million dollars in its Juarez and Toluca plants, enabling the company to meet the growing demand for the manufacture of new high-tech automotive products for the Americas. This investment is expected to generate up to 3,000 new jobs over the same period.

Since the beginning of its operations in Mexico in 1955, Bosch has increased its presence to include eight manufacturing sites in the country, of which five plants are focused on the manufacturing of automotive parts, located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, and Toluca, State of Mexico. Bosch also has additional facilities in Mexicali, Baja California Norte, Hermosillo, Sonora, and Mexico City, where electric tools, professional communication systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are manufactured, as well as controllers for different industries, respectively. The Group’s four business sectors -- Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology - are represented in Mexico, where Bosch currently employs more than 10,000 associates.

About Bosch:
The Bosch Group is a leading supplier of technology and services. In accordance with preliminary figures, its approximately 281,000 associates generated sales of € 46.4 billion ($ 61.6 billion) in 2013* . The Bosch Group is comprised of Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in 60 countries. If its trading partners are included, Bosch is present in roughly 150 countries. Its operations are divided in four activity sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy, and Building Technology. This worldwide development, the manufacturing, and sales network are the foundation for further growth. In 2013, Bosch applied for close to 5,000 patents worldwide. The Bosch Group's products and services are designed to satisfy and improve the quality of life, providing solutions that are innovative and beneficial. Hence, the company offers technology worldwide that is considered as "Innovation for your life." Additional information about the company is available at: www.bosch.com, http://www.bosch-presse.com and http://twitter.com/BoschPresse.

In the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico, the Bosch Group manufactures and commercializes automotive parts for original equipment and the spare parts market, industrial units and control technology, electrical tools, security and communications systems, packaging technology, thermotechnology, home appliances, solar energy, telemedicine, and software solutions. For more information visit www.boschusa.com, www.bosch.com.mx and www.bosch.ca.

*Due to a change in legal rules governing consolidation, 2013 figures can only be compared to a limited extent with 2012 figures. Exchange rate: 1 EUR = $1.32812

Bosch Opens Center in Mexico - April 2014


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